Gambling News For May

Online Casino and Poker Room is so rapid and dramatic changes, it is difficult for many players and industry insiders to keep track. Also, it's a safe bet things will change even more dramatically, as more countries and regions speed up or shut out online gambling business and the millions of players worldwide. To help refresh your memory and / or put into better perspective the direction in which the online gambling world is heading, our game news department highlighted the top news stories on gambling in general and online gaming in particular

in May 2007 - May certainly started a bang as Yahoo! announced their entry into the massively popular online poker biz with Yahoo! Poker, a real-money online poker room. Yahoo's new website was developed in collaboration with St Minver Limited, an online service for Gibraltar-based European gaming network. Because of the ban on the Internet is in the US, US residents will not be allowed to play on the new online poker venue.

Playtech, perhaps the leading online casino games developer continues to pave new online gaming roads with the addition of three brand new games to its already popular casino games repertoire. The new slots include animated 50-line Thrill Seekers, which is built around an amusement park theme and comprises animated flash technology. Football fans around the world are expected to get a rush with Playtech's football rules, "a new five-reel, 25-line video slots game sporting a football theme. The Alien Hunter "boasts a 5-reel, 25-line video slot machine game designed with a sci-fi theme.

Following in the footsteps of other Democrat, Rep Barney Frank - and Frank's call to overthrow the US Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act - House Rep Shelley Berkley launched a call for Congress to support a bill proposing a 12-month Internet gambling study by the National Academy of Sciences. Berkley pointed out that one of the advantages of her proposed legislation is that it does not take any the one side of the issue, ie, whether the game is good or bad. Berkley proposed her legislation just a week after Massachusetts democratic Rep. Barney Frank, introduced his bill requires abolishing latest Casino Bonus law prohibiting online betting.

In its latest attempt to avoid penalties and other negative consequences as a result of the WTO's recent decision ruling in favor of Antigua over the US 't e-so-fair trade practices, the US announced its decision to modify its original World Trade Organization (WTO) obligations, in particular the removal of online gambling from its services agreement. The move sparked immediate condemnation from gaming biz operators in particular and foreign officials in general. Because the US move is considered protectionist, Antigua opted for the WTO as the best possible time to confront the United States.