Game Over Online Gambling

The United States (US) and European Union (EU) are currently fighting over the Unlawful Internet Danish Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and possible violations of World Trade Organization (WTO) EU accuses US of violating terms established by the WTO regarding online gambling companies operating in Europa.En formal complaint may be lodged against the United States in the near future by the Remote Gambling Association (RGA) excluding from the online gaming market in the US, "It looks very much as if this matter will be sent to the WTO at the end of Commission's investigation, "said Lode Van Den Hende, lawyer RGA. The complaint also contends that the United States has continued to allow some American-based online gambling entities, like those processing wagers and bets on horse racing, despite the UIGEA of 2006,

the US will look at millions of dollars in damages if a formal complaint to the WTO is filed.The RGA also was a firm supporter of the recently passed bill (HR 6870) by Barney Frank, who challenged the original UIGEA of 2006 and the UIGEA Clarification Act (HR 6663) expresseing strong support to its sponsors for taking positive steps to clarify loven.EU Commission is expected to conclude its TBR investigation and make a decision before the end of this year. The decision will determine whether the case will be sent to the WTO for determination, followed by sanctions impose US if the EU wins. But if (HR 6663) becomes law, will go a very long way to meeting the concerns of the RGA and EU.Clive Hawkswood that RGAs CEO, said: "We took our case directly to US lawmakers who have heard our message, understood the inequity of the Department of Justice's position and appreciated both the unfairness in their

enforcement policy and the risk of US priority interests and its reputation if the policy was pursued further. This could be an important step in demonstrating that the RGA rule of law and integrity WTO remains important in Washington.Selv this is a good sign, unless and until legislation is passed and comes into force, all Onlien Poker has ever taken market share from the US market potentially still at risk of persecution, and we will be forced to pursue this issue as far as it should go to achieve a sensible solution and fair justice.As representatives of EU industry, we have inte t nothing but praise for the UIGEA Clarification Act supporters who have acted decisively to rectify an unnecessary and avoidable dispute and ensure both principles of fundamental justice and trade relations between the US and the EU.